Friday, October 21

At Last! We Have A Winner!

It's Been Fun Being Yellow 21, But I'm Ready For My New Name!

*Note: In an effort to keep this post a manageable length, I chose to include links to many of the comments and entries that are mentioned, rather than put them in here. So you can read just what you see, or you can click on the links for the lengthier (and much livelier) version. What? You want to skip right to the end? Uh, yeah sure, go ahead. Just promise me you'll come back and read the whole thing, okay? It took me forever to put this together.

After three weeks, more than 250 comments (on 70 printed pages), over 150 names entered, and enough laughing to burn off at least 400 chocolate babycakes (and that's just on my part), our lovely Yellow 21 has a brand new name.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the
Farmgirl Fare First Ever Name That Sheep Contest (which even managed to receive international notoriety. ) I am overwhelmed by your amazing response, your marvelous creativity, and your non-stop enthusiasm (click here to read the 40+ zany comments that were left yesterday alone. And don't forget to click on the names of the commenters to find out who some of them really are.) Everyone was an exceptionally good sport throughout the contest (though we did have one mild threat from Shauna regarding Cookiecrumb's entry of "Girl.")

I have had more fun than I ever imagined--and the Secret Panel Of Judges had one heck of a time choosing a winner. We were tempted to take
Cherrybegonia's advice and "name this sheep Grace because only by the the grace of God are you not going to give up and just keep Yellow 21!" And that was 40 pages of comments ago. Then there was Kitchen Mage's suggestion that we "declare Larb [her entry] to be of a culture where everyone gets 1000 names and dub her Larb Butterbean Muffaletta Pepper Coriander Matzo Ball Pecorino Pepato Clementine Kiwi Meringue Cashew Skittles Fluffernutter Sugarlump Marzipan Cupcake Chocolat Mocha Cappucino. As long as Larb is first."

But we perservered. And while you can rest assured that all judging was done on the up and up, there were definitely some tempting offers.
This lovely lunch arrived via e-mail from hopeful contestant Kat. Kitchen Mage, in her quest to make "Little Larblet" her own, put all her heart into baking some special bread in Yellow 21's honor. And Heather revealed a secret family recipe in hopes of swaying the judges toward the name Willow. But the most tempting offer of all had to be the one from Mathilde, who suggested some interesting Danish names and then added that she "would SO love to see the face of my boyfriend telling him I won a live sheep. He will be afraid she will have to live with me and the cat in too little space and he will turn all green in the face. I will promise you a picture of this if I win!".

But as I said, the judges did not receive any actual bribes. (Pssst!
Nic! Your package never arrived.) So on with the contest. The variety of names entered was simply astounding. And it was certainly interesting to be allowed a look at just how some of your minds work (like Anna's, which came up with this entry, and Amy's, which came up with this one. And then there was Geekwif's first choice: Hot Rod Mama.)

Because you are probably curious (and at the risk of hurting the feelings of other entrants--as
Brett suggested, we really should declare "a hundred way tie for second place."), here are some of the names that made it through the first rounds of judging. They are (in no particular order): Kiwi, Willow (or Woolow, as one the of judges preferred), Gemma, Emma, Missy, Matilda, Ewegenie, Chloe, Hannah, Estella, Darla, Fiona, Philomena, Tallulah, Lottie Lou, Mrs. MacTavish, Patience, and Grace.

The judges also liked the name Patricia, which was suggested by
Spiral, as well as the reasoning behind her choice. (Plus one of the judges thought it would be kind of cute to call her Fatty Patty when she was pregnant.) Spiral also did an admirable job of bashing every one of the previous entries.

Once we had a list of finalists, our job became even harder. And while Yellow 21 has only one new name, the judges would like to call attention to a few contestants who, each in their own (sometimes slightly demented) way, rose above the throngs of other players and outdid themselves in their efforts to win themselves a sheep.

Let's start with
Alisha. She didn't enter right away, as she wanted to wait until she came up with the perfect name. And she did. It was Lydia. Which Karl had entered on the first day of the contest. Aghast at what she had inadvertantly done, she came back with an entirely different idea, a rather convoluted (and slightly frantic) explanation to go with it--and no new entry. That's right, for Alisha was willing to win only half a sheep as long as she knew it had the right name. We had to admire her for that.

We also couldn't help but admire
Brett, who confidently waltzed in and cleverly dissed more than 70 names with one click on the "Publish Comment" button--then left us with his entry of. . . Pecorino Pepato. Which he returned to valiantly defend not just once, but several times, armed with ammunition from such places as and In the final round of Pecorino's defense, he also offered up two contingency names: Ewenice and Coletta (the latter he brazenly admitted stealing right off the blogger Word Verification thingie that appeared when leaving his comment).

Then we have
Tana, who jumped right in, happy to show off her knowledge of sheep breeds (but who, despite the fact that she spends much of her days visiting small farms, still doesn't know what noise a sheep makes.) Tana submitted the name Rita Merino, and although I did publicly disclose Yellow 21's background here, specifically mentioning (for Tana's benefit) that Yellow 21 is not even 1% merino, she stuck by her name, popping by now and again to defend it when necessary. This was usually just when you thought she'd given up the fight--like last night at 5:44pm when a comment appeared out of nowhere saying, simply: "Ahem. Please click here!"

Next we have
Lindy, who entered just one name: "Muffaletta, after the sandwich." And who came back several times to defend her entry and point out its many virtues. (We do have to agree, Lindy--it somehow actually does sound wooly.)But when it started to look as though Yellow 21 might never become a sandwich, Lindy put in a shameless appeal for the sympathy vote with this story. (Wait, you gotta go back and read the story first.)

And then there is Jeff, who lurks in the background at
Culinary In The Desert, feasting on Joe's gourmet cooking and no doubt keeping the entire household in a constant state of hysterics. Jeff entered several names, but when he learned that one judge was getting a real kick out of his very first entry, Cashew, ("If you are raising her for any sort of profit-reasons....Cashew. As in...Cash-Ewe Hee hee hee!") he took the hint and ran like hell with it. At one point he even started channeling sheep. It's going to be awfully quiet around here without Jeff's witty comments peppering nearly every single post that I've put up since this contest began. He definitely outdid himself with this one.

And that brings us to The Final Three. You probably know who they are.
Sam. Lisolette. Wendy. There is no way I can even begin to rekindle the competitive (and absolutely hilarious) fire that was burning here this past week--and these three were definitely the ones most responsible for fanning the flames. If you haven't been following along with the contest, I can only urge you to go back and read the comments section of the original post, especially the second half of them. Now I'll do my best to give these girls the credit they deserve.

Wendy was our latecomer, joining in the game just last week, but oh how she made up for it. She entered over 30 different names, starting with
Mushmello. Then she really got on the ball--and just kept rolling. She also had me (and I'm sure many other people) rolling on the floor in fits of laughter with her wacky comments. (Don't believe me? Just try saying "Cream of Sheep" out loud with a straight face.) Wendy says she works as a barmaid, and, well, one can't help but wonder. . .

She eventually hit upon the name Marzipan, along with
a bribe.

Meanwhile, there was Sam. Sam, who entered just one name:
Guinevere ("aptly meaning 'fair and soft'"). Sam, who faked technical difficulties on her own blog, Becks & Posh, so she could devote more time to the contest. And she has played fair alright, but she has been anything but soft on the competition. Last week I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that there had been a record number of visitors to Farmgirl Fare--and that the previous daily high had been broken by several hundred hits. Then I discovered the truth. There were no hundreds of new readers--it was just Sam, checking in every six minutes in the hopes of finding a newly entered name to bash.

And when Liselotte first joined in by entering the name
Karen, Sam was right there, ready to pounce on it. When Liselotte came back to check on her name, she saw that I had explained how I once had a sheep named Karen. She also noticed that I mentioned how I liked the name Liselotte and wondered why she hadn't entered it. And so she did.

That was when Wendy
jumped on the bashing bandwagon, and things really got going. Cupcakes and accusations were flying everywhere. When Wendy accused Liselotte of really being a man named Bubba, Liselotte calmly walked into the kitchen and put her culinary and artistic skills to work. And when Liselotte demanded to see Wendy's cupcakes, Wendy explained that she had been sharpening up her sheep raising skills.

So where was Sam while all of this was going on? First she pointed out that
she knew exactly who had first come up with the name Liselotte, and then she faked yet more technical difficulties (see the very believable sounding note at the end of this post)
Becks & Posh and went off to call in a few favors from some celebrities. Meanwhile, Wendy and Lisolette made their closing remarks.

Three finalists and five strong competitors. But, of course, there can only be one Big Winner. And while we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Wendy's wit and humor and enthusiasm, there was no denying that her final entry was, well, Marzipan Cream of Sheep. Just not quite up to par with Liselotte and Guinevere.

What to do? What to do? How to reward seven deserving players without dividing up Yellow 21 into little bits? And then it came to us.

This contest was created because it can take a while to get a name around here. In fact, there are a few other sheep roaming around without proper names--including some that were born this year and last, and thus need names that begin with an 'A' or a 'B.' (So that it would be easier for us to remember which lambs were born when, last year we decided to give all the female lambs born that year names starting with an 'A.' And this year we gave them 'B' names. That was the simple reason why no 'A' or 'B' names were allowed in the contest.)

In a flash of brilliance, we realized that we could celebrate some very deserving people--and get a few more sheep named at the same time. And so without further ado, I would like to introduce you to

Alisha! This cutie pie was born in 2004 to Doll Face, and previously known only as Green 33.
Congratulations, Alisha (the person)! You have received a Special Judges Award!

Next, please meet the newly named

Brett! Brett (the person), you have been named Best Basher! Little Brett was born this spring to Auntie Rose and used to be called Green 43--though she chose to remove her eartag. Click
here to see another picture of her.

Moving on, we come to a slightly older sheep. Poor Yellow 24 has spent over two years without a real name. Until now. Introducing

Taaaaanaaaaa! Congratulations Tana (the person), you have received a Special Judges Award! (Tana the sheep is a little camera shy, but we did manage to snap
this picture of her as well.)

And then we have Lindy. Lindy, who knows so well that somebody has to be the fifth place winner. Lindy, you too have received a Special Judges Award. Congratulations! Now please say hello to this formerly nameless beauty,

Lindy The Chicken!

Up next is Jeff. Jeff who, even as I sit typing this, is still leaving witty comments on other Farmgirl Fare posts. What can we say? This contest just would not have been the same without nuts. Congratulations Jeff, you have been given the Laugh Out Loud Award! And, if all goes well, five months from yesterday (how's that for perfect timing?) Yellow 21 will give birth to little Cashew! And if it's a boy? Well, then it'll just be Cash. . .

And Wendy. Wendy, who, in the spirit of competition, even eartagged her husband. She really put her all into the contest, but you have to admit that many of her comments were pretty silly. But in a good way. In the same way that this pretty lady was named Silly back in 2002 when she was born to Doll Face. She has always liked her name, but she was absolutely tickled to find out that from now on she is going to be known as

Silly Wendy! Congratulations Wendy, you have been given the Artistic Genius Or Borderline Psychotic? Award! (Please click
here to see Silly Wendy in a more refined pose.)

And that leaves us with Sam and Liselotte. To say this was a close call would be making a huge understatement. If this had been a horse race, it would definitely need a photo finish and a magnifying glass. Both players fought to the very end with unstoppable wit and charm and humor--and stamina. Both entered excellent names, and, really, both deserved to win.

But, once again, Yellow 21 can only have one new name. The judges were stumped. We even put the question to Yellow 21 herself, though we did not expect any help since up to this point she had not responded in the slightest to any of the names we had called her: not to
Snorf, not to Tallulah, not to Patience, not even to Marzipan Cream Of Sheep. Nothing. Not a twitch. So what happened when we called out the final two names to her? Well naturally she answered to both of them.

It was back to us. We thought long and hard, and we finally figured it out. What does it all come down to in the end? Not who bakes the best cupcakes. Not who you know in high places. No, what it all comes down to in the end is Love. And while we can only assume that Sam was planning to love Yellow 21 with all of her heart, she never actually came out and said it.
And Liselotte did.

Sam, we present to you the MVP Award for Most Vigilant Player. And we hope that you will be pleased to know that in 2010, when we reach the 'G' names, the softest and fairest of all the female lambs will most definitely be called Guinevere. In the meantime, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to

Becks. . .

And Posh!

Yes, we realize Becks has food all over her chin, but as a diehard foodie we figured that Sam would understand. Becks (who used to be called Green 42) was born this spring to
Trixie, a triplet whose mother is Mary (Doll Face's triplet sister). Click here to see another picture of Becks.

And Posh (formerly known as Green 32) was born in 2004 to Clare, one of our oldest and dearest sheep. Click
here to see another picture of And Posh.

Phew. That means all we have left to do is say Goodbye Yellow 21. . .

And Hello Liselotte!

Congratulations to you both!

And now I do believe it's time for some champagne. Thank you all so much for playing (and for your patience). This contest has truly been one of the most memorable events in my life. (No, I'm not crying. There's something in my eye. Yes, in that one, too.)



  1. applause
    That was worth waiting for! Congratulations to Liselotte on her self-named will let us visit her, won't you? We've gotten somewhat attached.

  2. OMG I'm a weiner!!!! Yay!! I'm so excited! And FIRST! Woot! :)

    Congrats on the new name, Liselotte!

  3. Well, shoot. Took me too long to re-spell Liselotte and KM snuck in... *shakes fist*

  4. *giggles like a little girl*

    Best Contest Evar!

    But I'm still sad that my sheep went to someone else. *sigh* Oh well. Now I just need to go out and get a farm.

    This was wonderful, and now I have many many links to new blogs to read. Thanks for everything, and I can't wait to hear how the Sheep grow up and become... um... big sheep? Whatever sheep become.

  5. Well done Liselotte. Lovely name.

  6. A "slightly older" sheep named "Tana"?



    (And I actually thought that Sam's name was the best, and her spirit the best, all along, and am sad "Guinevere" didn't win. I was mortified to have learned MYSELF that "Rita Merino" is an existing sheep on a farm elsewhere. Yes, I had already embraced Google before the person impersonating Rita Merino made their post. But if you're going to go down, you might as well go down swinging.)

  7. Will there be a movie now?

  8. Funny, there's something in my eyes too.

    I have laughed so much the last couple of days reading the comments. Thanks to you all!

    Everyone should have the name they are the most happy with, Susan.

    Love, Mum

  9. Wow! At last the girl got her name! ::applauding the judges:: You did a great job (imagine all that linking and typing while lol phew). And my blog was linked to as well, so now i am the happiest newbie blogger around, picture me waltzing around the room cheering while the family goes like okay NOW she finally lost it. Funny little white jacket they bought me, with the sleeves going round the back. I hope for new visitors who will leave comments as the Dutch haven't got any clue...yet. They just read and don't comment.
    (all i need to do right now is to have some quality time with the person who entered Karen as a weird name...)
    Love Baking Soda at aka Karen

  10. Awwwwww! What a wonderful read and what a happy ending. Thanks for all the hard work, Farmgirl. And thank you to all you would-be sheep namers. :-)

  11. Congrats on your new sheep Liselotte! You definitely deserve the honor for all the effort you put into it. And I must say that is a lovely banner.

  12. Fantastic roundup of names, Susan. My bribe, er, uh... must have gotten lost in the mail. It could have been Kiwi! Ah well. You got a bunch of great names out of this, though. And I bet that Liselotte, a.k.a. the sheep formerly known as Yellow 21, must be very happy.

  13. Congratulatons to Liselotte - and I thought Ewe-Genie was so very apropos and easy to pronounce -
    BTW, how do you properly pronounce "Liselotte" - I bet she can't even pronounce it!!


  14. ARGH!!!!!
    what happened to my incredibly funny comment I left SOOOOO LONG AGO?


    That was the BEST roundup EVER!!!

    all those names, so many sheep!

  15. This was so damned funny and heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. Great job, Farmgirl.

    I have to say, I'm slightly perturbed, however, that I'm noted only for making a mild threat. Oh great! I'm the psychopath around here!

    Oh well. As long as you haven't called her Ewe, I'm happy. But I have to say that I had no idea people would join in the fray quite as forcefully as they did. If I had known, I would have come back, flinging names left and right. (I don't think I would have been quite as brilliant as Sam, though, bringing in all those celebrities. I laughed so hard when I saw that.)

    Oh well. Once I read that Lisolette's children are gathering around the computer, clamoring to see the sheep, fervently hoping the dear animal is named after their mother? All bets are off. We have a winner.

  16. So I lost the contest for not publicly professing to love the sheep. Rats.

    Hey Farmgirl - well what exactly do you want from your comments anyway?

    Don't tell me you really prefer all that sycophanticism over sharp gut-busting wit that makes you fall on the floor sobbing with laughter??

    May I suggest a name for Liselotte's first born lamb?

    Slush puppy? or Bootlicker.

  17. Oooooh. All my life I have longed for such a chicken namesake. And she's a beaut. A fine feather on that girl.
    Is she a good layer? (Just wondering.)

    Perhaps you could let me know when her birthday is, so I can commemorate it annually.

    Liselotte , huh.

  18. C'mon Lindy. Remember - you didn't actually win the chicken, it's just named after you that's all. Lindy the chicken should be greatfully celebrating your birthday and not vica versa. She should be practising laying some eggs in preperation for the cup cakes she is going to send you!

  19. Yay! What a happy ending. Congratulations to Liselotte (and her lucky children--now we know who got to eat all those lovely baked goods)!

    Thank you for naming that other beautiful sheep after me! What a surprise! I don't deserve it after my rather baaaaaaad behavior (I took your encouragement to "suggest why the other names shouldn't be chosen" a bit too seriously). Sorry, folks. I've been working in uncivilized restaurant kitchens too long!

    What a great contest and round up, FarmGirl! Now I've got to go off to munch on some grass.

  20. brett - there is way too much civilization on blog comments. I loved your trashy entry. LOVED it! DOn't apologize. It was all in the pirit of the ting. I am happy you have a sheep named after you - especially as you begin with a B!

  21. Well, okay. My ignorance was revealed when I disclosed that I didn't know that sheep ate hay. Apparently there's a few other things I missed too. Like hens baking cupcakes, Sam. I thought they went in for like, whole grain stuff and what have you. Insects, and so on.
    Of course, the Lindy chicken does have the look of a bird who is, shall we say, above average.

  22. Wahh! Wahh! I didn't win!!
    Sam, ha, ha, ha! Second place. Ha.
    At least Shauna and I were mentioned way up high in the post -- and Shauna was the baddie, not me.
    Still. Liselotte is such a pretty name.
    ~wooly bully

  23. And the chicken pictures. I like the chickenses... :)

    FG, I've been thinking, and I just have to express my dismay at the results of this contest.

    1. The Secret Panel of Judges picked a really beautiful name.

    2. Liselotte (the human) is such a sweet person and has demonstrated she will provide plenty of love to Liselotte, the Sheep. And her kids - adorable!

    3. You did such a fantastic job with the whole thing, especially the final post - OMG you rock!

    With all that, you've left me absolutely no room to trash any part of this whole thing. I want to be bitter and a sore loser! Drat you!! *shakes fist*

  24. Do you have other animals than sheep in need of a name?

  25. Congrads liselotte! And I wont call you Bubba any more. Thanks farm girl for all the fun.I just love my sheep. So cute.

  26. Love that. I need more time jujst to read all the crazy comments!

  27. jeff, dude, if you want to be a sore and bitter loser youll have to do much better than "drat you!" LOL

  28. Hi Everybody!
    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments. It's great to hear that so many of you had almost as much fun as I did with this contest. I honestly cannot remember laughing this much in my entire life.

    Kitchen Mage & Jeff,
    How cool is it to FINALLY get the post up and hear from you only minutes later? Very cool. : )

    Thank you, and you are most welcome. And just for you, a little farm lesson. Here's how it is with sheep: a baby is a lamb. If it is a female, it grows up to be a ewe. If it is a male, it either gets to be a ram or it, well, gets turned into a wether and then dinner. And they're all sheep! : )

    Hi Barbara,
    Sheepshank Redemption? LOL. Whitey told me to tell you that the only movie worth watching around here is CHICKEN RUN! I sure hope Parkman has a copy. : )

    Hi Mum,
    Liselotte seems very happy with her name. And even more happy to be out of the spotlight! I felt like a member of the paparazzi chasing her around with the camera this past week.

    Hi Baking Soda,
    Linking and typing and laughing out loud is definitely a difficult combination. And everyone wouldn't quit leaving me hyserical comments--right down to the last few hours. It was fabulous!

    We'll get people leaving you comments on Bake My Day don't worry!

    Hi Liselotte,
    Congratulations! You are very, very welcome. I'm just tickled that you and your family are so excited that you won. And the banner is adorable. I tried to put it up today but need another computer lesson. Soon! : )

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks so much. The hard work was my absolute pleasure. This contest was a riot!

    Hi Geekwif,
    No hard feelings that Hot Rod Mama wasn't chosen, I hope. Maybe if we get a race horse--oooh! or a dune buggy. They're very popular around here. Hmmm. Then I guess I would have to be Hot Rod Mama. Will have to think about this. . .: )

    Hi Nic,
    Just can't trust the post office. Somebody down there probably ate your bribe! And Liselotte the sheep is indeed very happy.

    Hi Sam,
    I figured your first comment meant you weren't pouting. But I don't know. . . what are those in your hand? Not sour grapes, I hope? *ducks as grape comes flying out of computer monitor*

    The contest would definitely not have been anywhere near as much fun without you. Thanks for putting all that time and effort into it and for the nice write-up on Becks & Posh.

    And remember, you got two sheep. Liselotte only got one. : )

    P.S. Do you think you can you get me Ivor The Engine's autograph?

    Hi Annie,
    That's okay if she can't quite pronounce it yet. I keep mis-spelling it! How embarrassing. : )

    P.S. When we get to the 'E' names, I think there just might have to be a Ewegenie. : )

    Hi Clare,
    Bummer. No funny comment received on this end. Thanks so much. : )

    Hi Shauna,
    You a psychopath? Never. Poking fun at Cookiecrumb is totally normal behavior. (Isn't it?) : )

    Hi Lindy,
    So glad you like your chicken! She really is pretty; she's received several compliments on her good looks. Hmmm. A good layer? Well, she used to be. The girls seem to be on laying hiatus right now. As for her birthday, I'll have to search my records, but I do believe she was born in April of 2001. She arrived in a box at the post office along with 26 other 1-day old chicks. Talk about adorable! Wish I had baby chick pics to show you.

    You are definitely right that Lindy chicken is above average. And she already is a blogstar. That's right. This is her. And so is this. Yep, that's right. She lives with Whitey!

    As far as baking cupcakes. I'm afraid that if I ever discover she has that talent, I'll have to stop blogging. Lindy chicken and I will no doubt be doing Vegas or something. Thanks for all the effort you put into the contest--and for that sandwich the other night when I really needed it. : )

    P.S. Just wait til you read about what Lindy and Whitey did this summer. I'm hoping get it all written up soon!

    Hi Cookiecrumb,
    No, you didn't win. Yes, you were mentioned high up and Shauna was the baddie and you were the goodie. For once. : )

    Hi Alisha,
    I've been looking forward to hearing from you. I thought you might be excited about your new sheep. You are most welcome. And you are right--little Alisha is one adorable ewe. So cute you put her up as a screensaver. And thanks so much for your kind and touching words. I'll see what I can do about the goat pictures. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    Oh, I don't think we'll be able to keep Whitey and Lindy off this blog. : )

    Um, sorry about the whole doing a fantastic job thing. : )

    P.S. Did anybody ever tell you you're nuts?

    Hi Mathilde,
    Other animals that need names? Hmmm. Just these two.

    Hi Wendy,
    Wonderful to hear from you! I was afraid you'd expired (or exploded, or whatever it was you thought you were about to do) during the interminable wait for the winner to be announced. So glad you had fun and love your sheep. Silly Wendy really is a sweetheart.

    Thanks for all the effort you put into the contest. All of your comments were fabulous. I meant to put this one in there somewhere. It was so funny and clever:

    I have this theory. I call it the Big M theory.
    Im a Mother/farm girl is a midwife
    I shoot them out she catches them.
    I say Mmmmm yummy a lot/farm girl says Mmmmm chocolate a lot.
    Farm girl has a cat named Molly/I have a kid named Mushmello.
    Farm girl lives in the Middle of nowhere/I live in the Middle of Michigan.
    We are kindred spirits. Cant you see all the m's.
    Marzipan it was meant to be.

    You have a truly unique mind and imagination. (And all kinds of new skills!) : )

    Hi Linda,
    My mom confessed to me yesterday that she'd just spent 90 minutes reading comments! They definitely are crazy (in a good way). Read them when you really need a laugh.

    Hi Kitchen Mage,
    Hey, are you picking on Jeff? At least he didn't say "Cash You!" : )

    Hi Cara,
    Oh my goodness. I totally forgot about your Auntie Farmgirl offer. Gosh, I can't imagine why. It couldn't have anything to do with hearing about your darling little dearest covering herself and the kitchen with nutmeg recently. . . : )

    Thanks for playing everyone!

  29. Brett!
    How did I miss you? (Oops.) Oh, you definitely deserve your award sheep, but it makes it even better that you were so surprised. Your comments (especially, of course, the first 'bash 'em all at once--and do it with wit and style' one) were incredibly entertaining. I'm really glad you joined in the fun, even if you did keep pushing for a cheesy name. : )

    P.S. Little Brett is a real cutie pie and just adores her new name. : )


    And I won't even mention that you said "soon"--at least not after this.

    Did I mention I love Mathilde and KitchenMage, the two prettiest chickens ever? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

  31. I am deeply disappointed. I am depressed. I am such a well-behaved contestant, who didn't diss anyone's idea except naming her "cheesy sheep" in Italian. Next time I will have more spare time and I will misbehave enough to win!

  32. Oh, I just love the name Liselotte....good choice, FG!! This post/contest was so much fun and I totally enjoyed those consolation sheep, too!


  33. Are those roosters that are needing a name? Because if so, Po' Boy (Sandwich) would not be at all a bad choice, in my view.
    I suspect Lindy the chicken will support me on this, if you check with her.

  34. Taaaaaanaaaa!
    How the heck did I miss you?! I had planned out what I was going to say to you and everything. So sorry. Well, have you been practicing? Have you been calling out to your namesake? Here, I'll say it with you (no iiiiiiii now, remember it's aaaaaaaa like baaaaa). Just try it. I bet you won't be able to stop. : )


    She is thrilled with her new name and it suits her perfectly. Thanks for adding so much enjoyment to the contest! : )

  35. I think Liselotte is a lovely name...I have a thing for 'L's and the way they roll off your tongue. I was thrilled to see that Tallulah made it through the judging panel's first round!
    You have a wonderful, imaginative site and it's always a pleasure to stop by.
    (And, I'm glad the chicken's got a name now, too!)

  36. Okay, I have determined that all of you, every last one of you, are certifiably, deliciously insane. Thank you.

  37. Liselotte.... a sheep by any other name would smell as sweet.


    ...or maybe not.

    Thanks for mentioning my 'Grace' entry!

  38. I was on holidays and I was not at home the day of the results. Unbearable suspense, terrible wait. Liselotte, what a beautiful name.

  39. I am SO glad you explained all this. I was reading Liselotte's blog and I was wondering if she WAS a sheep. Whew. Oh, and my daughter is a Wendy. She likes sheep, but is being swayed by Llamas lately.

  40. Oh my gosh! Liselotte is my Mom's name. I just love it! So nice you named a sheep that, isn't in a lovely name? Suits her well.

  41. what wonderful names for them all. much better than being tagged with a number. Unless it's a number like 1,200,500 ok ok ok.. just kidding.. too bad I missed the contest. Maybe next time. I might have a few up my sleeve...

  42. Of course we're 2 years too late to name the sheep, but should others be born, may a friend submit the following (but only for a girl):
    ...but first, keep in mind my friend finds female sheep to be most classy, so here goes:
    Ms Susan Qewe, better known as Suzie.....


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