Saturday, October 8

Weekend Cat Blogging #18

Where Did All These Cats Come From?

Attention Cat Lovers! It's time for Weekend Cat Blogging #18!
Food Bloggers around the world unite each week and share pictures of our favorite felines. See cute cat photos and discover yummy food blogs. We'd love to have you join us. Just leave me your blog name, URL, and permalink (with a Weekend Cat Blogging tag) in a comment.

Below are links to this week's entries as the regular WCB hosts, the wild and crazy Kiri and his slave, Clare, at
Eat Stuff in Sydney, Australia are in the middle of moving and their online access is iffy. Clare did have a chance to put up a WCB photo of Kiri this week--being naughty again!

Also check out:
Rima at Les Carnets de Marie in Paris
The sticky situation that Muse got herself into at
Pekoe at Belly-Timber in Washington
Bella & Tasha at A Few Of My Favourite Things
The dueling kitties at Masak-Masak in Malaysia (and the link to an important SPCA petition that can be signed by anyone in the world)
Darling Glinda at Anne's Food in Sweden
Ike on display at Restaurant Widow in Columbus, Ohio
Houdini Watching For The Neighbor Kittens at Middle-Fork
Eleven year old Nepal at Le Sens du Gout
Tigger at Look Hunny, I Cooked in The Netherlands
The cute kitty monsters at Rosa's Yummy Yums in Switzerland
Chelsea & Spencer at Je Mange La Ville in Portland, Oregon
Romeo loving the mohair at Basic Juice
Agnes at Kayak Soup in Vancouver, British Columbia
Miss Kitty at Culinary In The Desert in Arizona
Little Toejam & Earl at So Cal Foodie in their first WCB pics
The Unnamed Usurper at Kitchen Mage in Washington
The nameless little stray at Indy Foodie in Indiana
The double dose of cuteness at The Food Pornographer
Tigger at Too Much To Love
Happy Tsar at Cook & Eat in Australia
Lovely Lolita in patchwork style at Les Gamelles d'Emmanuele
Sweet Luke surrounded by blogging dogs at Sweetnicks in New Jersey
Neo the freckle-nosed mouser at Earth Home Garden in California

Meanwhile, have you entered the
Name That Sheep Contest yet?
You could win a sheep!


  1. How generous of you and Patchy Cat to host ~ I posted my link at eat stuff before I clued in to what was going on. Have a good weeekend..

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for linking my cat pictures!
    Your site is great and your life seems to be very interesting...
    Your blog will be linked into my sidebar...

  3. Hey! Just caught on that you were hosting instead since Clare is involved with moving n stuff! Here is Miss Kittys link.

  4. I haven't checked in for a while. Great photos lately. Makes me envious to get a farm of our own, soon. Our cat is unphotogenic, or he'd be here too.

  5. Oh, I missed this weeks Weekend Cat blog.... *sighs* We had to put down one of our ferals today so am depressed about that.

    Oh?! And me try to butter you up to win the "name the sheep" contest? um...
    *blinks all innocent like*
    not me!

    But then I cannot send you a bribe either, unlike another fellow blogger may be able to do! *sighs all bummed out*

    But then... who knows, right?

    Have a great weekend...

  6. HI FG! *pickme* Happy Friday :) Great pic of Patchy Cat *pickme* as always.

  7. Hope I'm not too late...this will be my 1st WCB...

    Thanks for hosting...btw, how would I normally find out who is hosting the WCB? I'm new to all of this and am figuring it out along the way!

  8. Here's mine, the start of a story in pictures. New kitten has been here about 48 hours, old cat is not so convinced.

  9. Hello!!
    I am a friend of Indy Foodie! Here is my baby's pic...he's sooo spoiled!!! I love my TIgger!!

  10. Great Kitty pics! Thanks for hosting. Cheers,

  11. Hi Linda,
    Not to worry. Your link is up! Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Hi Rosa,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you stopped by and enjoyed your visit. I look forward to hearing from you again.

    Hi Joe,
    The beautiful Miss Kitty's link is up!

    Hi Podchef,
    Welcome to the comments section of the farm! Glad you've been enjoying the photos. A farm of your own would be fabulous. But what is this "unphotogenic cat" excuse? Nice try, but I don't think so. Every cat looks good in pictures. So grab your camera and your cat and get a pic posted pronto! : )

    Hi Heather,
    Always nice to hear from you. So sorry about your kitty. Don't worry about missing this edition of WCB--there's always next week. And you still have more time to butter me up for the Name That Sheep Contest! : )

    Hi Jeff,
    LOL, you crack me up.

    Hi SoCalFoodie,
    Nope, you're not too late. And WCB is usually hosted by Clare & Kiri at Eat Stuff. I'm just helping out this weekend.

    Hi Kitchenmage,
    Got it! (And what a cutie pie!)

    Hi Cin,
    It's been my pleasure. Thanks for stopping by! : )

    Hi Amosfrie,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you've joined us for Weekend Cat Blogging. Your link is up!

    Hi Beau,
    Welcome to the farm and thanks! : )

  12. Hi Kat,
    Okay, you've got me intrigued. Email me:
    Hope you had a fun weekend. Never did tell me how you took the pic of yourself. : )

  13. Got my link up!

  14. Hi FG

    THANKYOU so much for your semi impromptu WCB Hosting. You saved my life. I really appreciate it. Thanks to EVERYONE who particiapted, I will catch up on all the puddy cats :). I promise to have WCB back into it's normal state of repair at eatstuff for next weekend, unless I am in hospital or dead.



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