Saturday, October 29

SOLD To The Little Lady In The Overalls!

Meet The Coolest Couple On The Farm

That's right--nobody guessed correctly. This is what I bought last Thursday night at the Livestock Auction Barn. Two llamas! (Click here to read about my night at the auction. Click here if you missed the auction photos.) And no, the auctioneer didn't actually say "Sold to the little lady in the overalls!" when I ended up as the high bidder--he called me by name instead. I do live in the house he grew up in, after all.

The handsome devil on the left is a male, and the cutie pie on his right is a female. Yes, a breeding pair. Other than that, I really don't know much about them (which is often how it is when you buy something at auction). I do know that considering these two have had a tumultuous past couple of days, they appear to be settling into their new home quite well. They survived their first frosty night here, have already scoped out every inch of their large pen, and are showing a keen interest in everything and everyone around them.

Everyone around them, on the other hand, is not quite sure what to think. Robin, who spent several years living with the llama I used to have, has completely forgotten that she loves llamas--it's cows she hates. Bear, who loves every living thing but also believes they all need herding, has already received a perfectly aimed kick in the head for his rather aggressive efforts (he's fine). Uncle Dan (who hurt his front leg last week but is completely recovered) just stood staring at them, dumbfounded, then let out a small cry and suddenly redeveloped his limp. Last night the sheep took a very long detour back to their barn in order to avoid passing by the llama pen, and a little while ago I spotted them huddled tightly together, all eyes pointedly fixed on the intruders--from a safe distance of several hundred feet away. (My four older ewes are the only ones who lived with my previous llama.)

Joe and I, meanwhile, are absolutely thrilled that they are here, and I'm sure that in time they will succeed in making friends with everyone--even jealous Dan. The plan is for the llamas to run with the sheep, guarding them and keeping the flock together while they are grazing, instead of widely scattered about as they have been lately.

Of course, the other part of the plan includes a baby llama.

Llamas are wonderful, unique creatures. These two newcomers will no doubt be making regular appearances here as the stories unfold and we all get to know each other better. In the meantime, here are two more photos of them for you to enjoy.

And no, they don't yet have names.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I just chanced upon you blog and it is so inspiring!
    Could I link you from my blog if it is okay with you?
    I'm going to come back here and read your whole blog soon.
    This is my find for the day!!

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Welcome to the farm! So glad you enjoyed your visit. I look forward to hearing from you again. In the meantime, feel free to link away! : )

  3. Oh my god. You bought Llamas??! I'm serious, I'm coming to visit you soon. :)

  4. They look so stately and pious. I don't know a thing about llamas, but I look forward to reading your stories about them!

  5. *jaw drops*

    Nope, I would have never guessed that one right! What beautiful creatures! I hope the temperments of both are as sweet as the rest of the Farmgirl group.

    They are wooly things too! And from what I understand it works really well for knitted objects! Are they as soft as they look??


  6. Darn! I guessed wrong. But then again, who would've ever thought llamas? I don't know anything about them but I like the face on the last photo. Guess we'll all learn more about them as the stories start to appear. I can't wait to see a baby llama! ALL babies are adorable!

  7. OMG!! They're beautiful! Welp, I never would have guessed Llamas :) Congratulations on the new farm members!!! Can't wait for more pics.

  8. Hi Susan,
    I was hoping for alpacas but llamas run a close second in my book. Llamas make excellent guard animals - I know you will love them.


  9. They have such great faces... they look amused, benevolent, and slightly condescending. But what do the chickens think?

  10. so cool! will you be shearing them and spinning their fiber? i have friends who have alpacas that i covet.

    they look right at home!

  11. How sweet, and what a face the white-marked one has!

  12. Shreeks: O..M..G..! She bought llama's! (Kids gather round pc-screen "Oh, they're so cute". (well, in dutch ofcourse which sounds like: oh, ze zijn lief)
    I'm amazed and intrigued...

  13. Llamas!! How wonderful!!

    And I have the perfect names too: Rrover and Sspot. :^D


  14. I absolutely adore Llama's! Look at their cute little faces...I'm looking forward to hearing their story unfold!

  15. Oh Wow! So Cool! I Have To Capitalize Every Word To Show You How Cool I Think This Is!

    Do They Guard Against Coyotes? I Think I Read That Somewhere.

    Are You A Spinner, By Chance?

  16. My sister has two llamas in Maine, and they have companion sheep. I think they must just get over themselves evetually-- the sheep, that is. Llamas never get over themselves.hzbqgp

  17. Hi Susan!

    You'll want to be careful here! My father told me a llama spat at him when he was a little boy... Have a towel ready! ;0)

  18. Well...I used to work in a large animal hospital at the veterinary college (when I was in college)...we had two llamas...I've forgotten their real names but I called them Beavis and Butthead (lovingly, of course)...Still, once they got to know you they were actually pretty good fellows (and She-fellows). They're also very entertaining!
    Have you thought about getting an ostrich, too? (I have some good "loose ostrich" stories!)
    em @ moderngirls (who is currently commenting on every post you've made for the past week for no particular reason!)

  19. p.s. Beavis & Butthead were also spitting fools...but mainly because - as Annie pointed out - they are great "guard dogs"!!! (DOn't worry Dan they don't herd)

  20. Sid and Nancy! Sid and Nancy!
    My vote.


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