Thursday, October 27

Where Did I Go Tonight?

Here Is A Hint


  1. The Fair! Do I win??

  2. The Cattle Farmer! Do I win??

  3. An auction for sheep! So you can buy all those nameless sheep, and properly NAME them....

  4. She's bidding.
    Head...description...weight? It's alive. Must be sheep, or cows?
    Lindy the Chicken tells me that those in the know do not refer to "head of chicken" when counting poultry. So not chickens.
    Are you going to be having a cow?

  5. Auction! What fun! So what did you "purchase"? Did you get a pal for Dan??

  6. How about your entry number in a bread baking contest at the local fair?

  7. Did you buy something with big brown eyes?

  8. Did you bid on a girlfriend for Dan?

  9. Good guesses all!

    Now if Blogger or Picasa/Hello would just let me upload some photos, you could find out if anybody guessed correctly. I have been trying for over two hours to upload the Daily Farm Photo. Grrrr. Must give up for now. : )

  10. P.S. 'Lindy (the person)'---I love it. You never know when a chicken will sneak in and take over your blog! : )

  11. Hey Farmgirl... Try out -- very easy to upload -- I tried blogger and its a P.I.T.A. (Can you tell am having fun yet?) Anyway -- easy free photo site and usually doesn't have any issues and they do an img source html format for you.. just copy and paste! eazy peezy!

  12. You went to the world's most boring Bingo game?

  13. You can always try flickr. It's fun. :)

    Were you judging in a Carcus Class? Did I spell Carcus right?

  14. Here's my third and final guess - 52 stands for # of weeks since your last visit, so it MUST be an annual exam! They check your head, give a brief description, and then your weight.

    Do I win?

  15. I love all these guesses!

    Hi Liselotte,
    Ever been chased by a bull? That was fun. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Thanks for the tip. I definitely have to find an alternative way to upload photos.

    Hi Tana,
    Hey, what's wrong with bingo? : )

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the flickr tip. Will check it out.

    Um, 'carcus.' Well, a carcass is a dead body, usually used in reference to an animal. A circus is a bunch of live bodies and animals entertaining people with tricks and stunts, often in a humongous tent. So, did you mean either of those? : )

    Hi Jeff (again),
    Well your third answer was by far the most clever (and funny).

    But no, you don't win.

    Hi Kat,
    Well, now all I can think about is roast pork. Carnitas in particular. Mmmmm, how I do miss the little taquerias in California. : )

  16. Hi Kat,
    Oh somebody please drag this girl to the nearest good Mexican restaurant. You have been missing out big time, girlfriend. Carnitas are roasted pork--you know, slow cooked so that they are still moist and tender yet have some of those delicious little crispy bits on the edges. . . Then you can wrap it up into a huge burrito filled with all kinds of yummy stuff or you can have it served to you on a platter with lots of 'fixings' and warm tortillas on the side so you can make your own soft tacos. I'm sure there are other descriptions and ways to serve carnitas; I am certainly no expert. I just know my eyes light up if I see it on a menu. Geez, now I really want some. : )

    Hi Liselotte,
    Well it's no wonder you're scared of cows! That sounds terrible.

    As far as your English is concerned, I think this would be the perfect spot for me to say that I am in absolute awe of all of you readers who are multi-lingual. Many of you have a better command of the English language than a lot of Americans! So please, never feel that you need to apologize if your English is faulty once in a while. I'm just thrilled you're reading my blog and taking the time to write me. : )


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