Sunday, October 2

Daily Farm Photo: 10/2/05

Where Sheep Sleep

Note: Farmgirl has left the farm. Back on Thursday!
Have you Named That Sheep yet?


  1. At least where they are SUPPOSED to sleep!

    When Farmbeau and I went to put them in at 6:30PM last night, we couldn't find 8 sheep - or the sheepdog!

    Finally 7 of them - and the dog -showed up in the dark and we got them in. Later the last lamb appeared on the wooded hillside and after chasing it with the flashligts until the batteries went dead, we gave up. Lucky Buddy Bear was no help whatsoever in that endeavor!

    Fortunately, the lamb was safe all night and the sheep are now all accounted for and once again in the fields for the day. I hope we have better luck getting them in tonight!

  2. YAY!
    I win ;) LOL
    Sorry FG's mum... waaaayyyyy busy weekend... I miss FG *sob*

    Sooo glad you found all the sheepsies!
    I like seeing where they sleep!

  3. Wait, I'm confused. Maybe there were too many names posted. I just posted some didn't realize you picked a name...
    what's the name ??

  4. sigh...
    so beautiful. And I am glad the sheep are all in safe now.


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