Thursday, October 27

Daily Farm Photo: 10/27/05

Where Sheep Sleep, Take Two

here to see Take One.


  1. OK, your trees color up much nicer than ours, but then 24 F is -4.444 C and that we rarely get. Neither of us can rival the fall colors of Maine where I grew up, but we know the price for that.
    OTH, our skies are so gorgeous I think you should layer one of my hiking photos as skyground for one of your color shots. Madonna blue, at one time available to painters only from ground up lapiz lazuli at a king's ransom.

  2. Oh u think ur soo good Amy :P LOL

    Lucky sheep!

  3. Sheep sleep in trees? I had no idea.. hee hee hee :)

  4. Do Becks & And Posh have Egyptian cotton sheets and eiderdown pillows?

  5. Hi Amy,
    Oh the sheep figured out a solution to that problem. They sleep at night when it's dark--no view. : )

    Hi Judith,
    Yes, Maine has long been on my 'I Fantasize About Moving There' List, but honestly I probably wouldn't handle the winters very well.

    Your hiking photos are indeed gorgeous, and 'Madonna blue' sounds so dreamy. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I especially love the lighter shades.

    As far as our sky goes, looking back at a few photos, I can see why you think it needs help! It actually is quite beautiful (especially in the morning and evening), but my little automatic camera has a mind of its own when it comes to deciding what color to make what--like the sky.

    Since I don't put my photos through PhotoShop or anything (what I take is what you get), I am at its mercy. (I am also asking Santa for a new camera.) : )

    For example, check out the difference in these three photos.

    Hi Clare,
    Well, she was first. (For once.) : )

    Hi Jeff,
    Of course sheep sleep in trees. They swing themselves to sleep in little hammocks hung from sturdy branches. (Counting each other keeps them awake). You didn't know? : )

    Hi Sam,
    Um, that would be no. Geez, I don't even have those things! : )

  6. But the hammocks are made from raw silk, right?

    errr... nor do i actually have those things, but there was no harm in looking out for my namesakes, eh?

  7. It really was that color toward the East, but paler toward South. Here a lot depends on humidity, but when she goes blue, she goes BLUE and knocks my calze off.
    To change that sky, all you had to do was slightly reorient the camera, it looks like mere inches to me.
    Why are these codes getting longer and stranger?


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