Thursday, October 20

Sweating It Out

Yellow 21 and her mother, Doll Face, are anxiously awaiting the final decision of the judges. . .

You're Not Going To Choose Something Really Weird, Are You?

The winner of the Name That Sheep Contest will be announced tonight!


  1. today? today! Little Larb will be glad to finally have a name. (oops, was that the outloud voice?)

  2. why are we making them wait til tonight.
    The suspense must be killing them.
    I dont want my new owner to drop dead before she's even had a chance to send me a gentle virtual hug.

  3. Oh Look at sweet Cappucino's mum, her face definitely pales by the sheer thought of nuts or King Arthurs ladies....
    Can't wait!

  4. I am waiting with alfalfa baited breath....Here sheepy,sheepy,sheepy. I cant wait! Im so excited. Ugh, gasp, have to go, hyperventilatng....

  5. Oh I'm so excited. My new owner has the champagne on ice for the announcement. All her mates will be there to help celebrate. She throws the best parties and today I'll get to be the centre of attention.

  6. Hi Kitchenmage,
    Uh, yep, that was the outloud voice.

    Hi Liselotte,
    You'll be fine. You're full of strength and stamina, remember?

    Um, hi Guinevere,
    Well, of course we wouldn't want anyone to drop dead in the next few hours. The fact of the matter is that everything would be all done by now if contestants like Sam wouldn't keep sending me into uncontrollable bouts of laughter with their comments. Let me tell you, it's a bit difficult to type when you're rolling around on the floor in a fit of giggles.

    Hi Nic,
    At least you'll have no problem staying awake--you're on west coast time. : )

    Hi Baking Soda,
    And yet another contestant who is thriving on the words Never give up, never give in, and bash the opponents whenever you can! (I love it!)

    Hi Wendy,
    Easy there. Deep, slow breaths. That's better. Sheesh. No collapsing on my blog!

    Um, hi Missy,
    I'd love to chat about champagne, but I think I need to go call the library and find out if anybody exceptionally wooly looking is online over there. . . And do a head count here.

  7. Good morning MISSY. Yes the champagne is in the fridge. Stop fretting. No it won't be Guinevere. Oh you do look lovely today. No, not Cashew either. Yes, there have been lots of silly names mentioned haven't there. Farmgirl's a sensible woman - she knows you are a real MISSY. Parkman is looking forward to meeting you.

  8. Gasp! Fading fast...For gawds sake women...NAME THAT SHEEP!

  9. Ladies!
    Buck up and stop making me laugh!

    P.S. Liselotte, I do believe I specifically said the announcement would be "tonight," not "this evening." We're talking many hours from now. I'm working as fast as I can. You wouldn't want me to just skip tucking in the sheep and let them spend the entire night out roaming around with the coyotes do you? Chores to be done, much typing to do! Maybe try a little nap.

  10. I am a sheep called Missy.
    I hear someone in food blog land is suggesting another sheep is named after me.
    You might call that flattering but I call it thievery.

    Don't mess with me.
    I am unique and that is the way I want to stay.

    I might look cute but I'll be after you, and I will reduce you to a scribble, believe me.

    signed: Missy the Ist

  11. Wuff woofff!

    Willow here.
    Now if you go naming one of those there sheep after me, it's going to get very confusing when I come to stay with me old cousin Lucky Buddy Bear and try and help him round them up, isn't it?

  12. Sheep? SHEEP??!

    I am a beanie babie bear.

    Not a soppy sheep.

  13. Sacrilege
    who deleted my picture in my previous post?
    What with me being so handsome and all.

    Maby Lucky Buddy Bear is jealous. Maybe that's why I have been waiting so long for an invite...

  14. Um, have y'all been into the champagne already or what?

  15. No sheep in the library just called them. No champagne either.

    Now Hssssssshhhhhhhhhh! all of you, please.

    I need to concentrate.

  16. Fine! I guess I will just have to sit here and wait. I need something to occupy my mind. Hmm, maybe I will knit. Maybe I can knit myself a pair of socks from my last leg shearing.Kind of redundant though. Shearing my legs to knit socks for my legs. I think this contest is testing my sanity.Dont worry I will be fine.

  17. Help! help!
    I am being kidnapped.
    I can't swim, someone save me please!

  18. the name says it all

  19. 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello. Lets be havin' you then, Which one of you took Yellow21???

  20. God your gorgeous MISSY.

  21. I must get back to making the house look pretty for the party. See you soon MISSY.

  22. musicaaaaaal

  23. I still think she looks like an Astrid. Did you ever say why it couldn't be an "A" or "B" name?

  24. We think MISSY is the best name.

  25. Baaa, Ram Ewe, Missy!

  26. i think they are into something stronger than champagne... :-)

  27. A is for Astrid or apple, not for sheep.

  28. Yellow21 is a sensitive child, fair of face, full of grace and quite soft. Please be gentle with her, I beg of you all.

    She went missing a while back. Silly someone who wanted to call her missy.
    Now she really is. That nice Inspector Mr Woolsey is on the case and we hope to have found her again by the time we announce her beautiful, regal new name later tonight.

    I think she may have just trotted down to the library to check out on you lot. Please don't crack open the champers til later. Us sheep don't like to start drinking before our evening meal.

    thank you

    Yellow21's mom, Doll Face.

  29. This is just cruel. I live on the east coast. It's going to take more than one pot of tea to keep me awake. Come on have mercy!

  30. Bubba,
    I just wanted to let you know that no matter what the outcome is, you bake one heck of a cupcake! And if you need it I have a shoulder you can cry on!

  31. I am sorry for my last post. i didn't mean to complain.
    The naming of renaming Yellow21 is worth waiting a million years for, of course.

  32. forget the shoulder, I'd rather eat another cupcake.

  33. ha ha - see - in my wedding outfit that you linked to, I am almost dressed like a sheep.
    Sheepish colours anyway. A Guineverian palette I'd like to call it.

    (PS. no jokes abut a wolf in sheeps clothing now..)

  34. Tana, sweetie
    you haven't been checking all your small farms very thoroughly, have you?

    If you had done a little more simple research you would realise that I, Rita Merino, am already live and kicking, with a very fancy hairstyle, at the Homestead Woll & Gift Farm in WI.

  35. I have this theory. I call it the Big M theory.
    Im a Mother/farm girl is a midwife
    I shoot them out she catches them.
    I say Mmmmm yummy a lot/farm girl says Mmmmm chocolate a lot.
    Farm girl has a cat named Molly/I have a kid named Mushmello.
    Farm girl lives in the Middle of nowhere/I live in the Middle of Michigan.
    We are kindred spirits. Cant you see all the m's.
    Marzipan it was meant to be.

  36. No good being called marzipan.
    I just keep getting deleted.
    Or eaten.

  37. Actually, I didn't post a second time and have no idea who or why someone would use my name to post on my behalf.
    Vickie Brown

  38. I can't wait to see the results of this contest--both because I want to find out the new name AND because I think the comments will be hysterical!!



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