Friday, October 21

While You Wait

Yo! What in the world is taking so long? Hel-lo? We're being seriously neglected over here!

Okay, so not everyone is anxiously awaiting the announcement of Yellow 21's
new name. But many of you are, as evidenced by the flurry of zany comments that came in yesterday while I was attempting to type up the final contest post. If you're looking for something to occupy your time until the Big Moment, click here to read them. And be sure to click on the names of the commenters to find out just who (or what) was visiting the farm. It was quite a day.

Oh, and don't worry
Vickie; you weren't the only one who was impersonated yesterday. It was all done in good fun, I'm sure. But of course I would never point fingers at anyone.


  1. Ah, well as the day progresses and I get things done, I hope you have adaquate time to evaluate and pull your final 'name that sheep' post together! Have a great day!

  2. It's Whitey :) Good to see you !

  3. your blog is very cool esp the natur photos, it's so beautiful;~)

  4. Just a warning. If you hear screaming. Dont freak out. Its just a barmaid in Michigan rimming glasses with salt and lime. It burns like a son of a bi**h when you have bitten your finger nails down to bloody little nubs! Thanks farm girl.

  5. Hi Whitey. Is it WCB#2 already? What is Servantgirl doing? I thought this sheep thing would be over by now.

  6. You and me both, Handsome! : )


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