Thursday, October 20

Notification Of Possible Delay

Are you kidding me!?

I'm sure everything will be fine, but I felt I should warn you (while I can still get online) that we are in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm--and you know what
that can mean.

I am typing as fast as I can and hope to announce the winner of the Name That Sheep contest later tonight. Until then, please keep hooves and fingers crossed that the power and phone don't get knocked out. (Already blogger is doing some very strange things--like making entire freshly typed posts disappear.) Thanks for your patience and understanding. Now please excuse me while I check on Dan and round up some very soggy sheepsies.

P.S. No, this is not a 'fake' emergency I invented just to buy myself some more time. Though I may have to resort to that later. There have been an incredible number of interruptions today. . .


  1. Doll Face!
    Don't worry, it won't be long now.
    Yellow21's new parent is going to love her just as much as you do.
    You can still be surrogate. Promise.

  2. I know its probably not doll face, but it kind of looks quite like her don't you think .
    If it's not DF, please ask this other cutie to pass on the message,

  3. Hi Sam,
    Yep, it's Doll Face. She's getting a little worked up. I guess kinda like those mothers of beauty pageant contestants or something. : )

  4. hearsay, all hearsay. Here Sae!!!!

  5. I see Doll Face's cute

  6. Kansas Grandma,
    You crack me up! : )

    Hi Leigh,
    Sorry to disappoint you, but that's actually Doll Face's evening treat stuck to her chin, not her teeth. : )

    And here's a little bit of trivia for you: did you know sheep don't have upper teeth? I know. Weird. But true! : )


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