Saturday, October 22

Weekend Cat Blogging #20: Smudgie Up High

Farm cats rescue themselves
©, the no fear of heights (for some of us) foodie farm blog where there's nothing like watching a cat walk up and down a ladder.


  1. Farm cats are apparently much cleverer than over-sized black Wellington cats (who have a tendency to get stuck up trees, on fences and even, yes, in a neighbor's back yard...apparently his body weight prohibited him from jumping back over the fence...:) Perhaps farm cat could send Wellie cat some pointers on the use of ladders?

  2. Love the picture! What a smart cat.
    PS. Thank the Australian birdie for me ~ fixed the broken link ;D Or maybe I'll thank her myself.

  3. Cna Farm Cat also prune trees while up on the ladder? If so, we have a job for him/her.... :)

  4. Hi Emma,
    You forgot to mention that he also killed your laptop. : ) (Ooh, sorry, sore subject I bet.)

    Several of our cats use that ladder on a regular basis to climb up and down from the roof. I have carefully watched them going in both directions, and I am still completely mystified as to how they do it. That ladder is leaning at a steep angle, and the rungs are small, slippery, and fairly far apart. It's amazing! I need some pointers on the use of ladders myself--I'll let you and Wellie know if I can get the cats to divulge their secrets. : )

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks. Yep, pretty smart indeed. On top of everything else they have us catering to their every whim. Who is the smarter critter in this scenario? : )

    Hey, it's Jeff, the pet nabber!
    Geez, not even offering anybody up in trade this time.

    Well, that particular farm cat is Smudge, and I don't think he would look real handsome sheared--which is what he'd probably have to be in order to survive your desert heat.

    On the other hand, perhaps I can interest you in The Doodle Monster. She has nice short fur and would probably love lounging by the pool. Oh wait, she doesn't do ladders. Bummer. She can, however, leap onto (and perch on) the tops of doors--yes, I mean the ones about two inches wide. Got any use for that? : )

  5. you can not give away the Doodle... I called dibs :)

  6. *grumbles* Do you KNOW how many times today I have reloaded this page? And here is it 8pm CST and its the FIRST time its shown me the Cat blog submission!!! GRRR! Sometimes blogger is such a P.I.T.A. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey, I looked and looked for an email addy because I was poking around your profile looking at different links. Some of your blog links are bad -- amongst the other farm duties you have you may want to update those links! Just to let ya know! Thanks for being sweet! Sweet dreams.. am off to bed! I am going to offer up for adoption another kitty tomorrow! She's a beaut -- kind of shy. You will understand on the morrow! Laters.

  8. Hi Leigh,
    Dibs on the Doodle--I love it! But I'm so bad. I wrote that offer to Jeff because I knew you would read it and couldn't wait to hear what you would say. Sorry. Just couldn't help it. (I told you I was bad. Ha ha, guess who I learned it from? : )

    P.S. She's right here on my lap as always She's cold and she won't go huddle by the woodstove because Robin is napping over there (because she was cold outside) and I am a complete sucker.

    I literally think The Doodle is responsible for this crazy neck ache I've had--I realized I've been sitting at the computer the last few days with my shoulders at an off kilter angle to accommodate her majesty! So. . . where's that box you said you have? : )

    Hi Heather,
    Hmmmm. Bad links? Not good. Which links are you referring to? I do know that Blogger has been doing very odd things this entire weekend (and not just to me). Somebody emailed me that one of the Sheep Contest links was bad, and sure enough it was. . . then on the third try, it wasn't! Grrrr.

    Speaking of email, my address isn't up anywhere yet, though I did mention it in this catching up post.

    It's: farmgirlfare (at) gmail (dot) com

    Always great to hear from you. Now I'm off to check out your latest kitty pic! : )

  9. Wow! Cats climbing ladders - That is the first I have heard. Ally cat likes to climb too but she seems to prefer trees and door grills.


    ARGH this comment probably wont work either!

  11. Wow, thats a great picture of your cat, it really shows how smart cats really are, especially farm cats. I have 3 barn cats/farm cats and they are extremely talented. We have a tall roof, and they sometimes get up on there, mostly because the chimney is warm and they like to stay by it. Well, we just put a ladder up and they just climb down when they are ready.


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