Saturday, October 15

Saturday Dose of Cute: Weekend Cat Blogging

New Cat Loves Lounging On The Roof Of My Car

© Copyright, the furry foodie farm blog where this guy really blends.


  1. Pretty kitty!! :)

    PS - Don't know if it's just me, but when I click on the picture, instead of an enlargement, I just get garbled words and characters. Seems to be like that for only the 3 most recent pictures you've posted. -Jeff

  2. I am getting the same garbled words and characters...I wanted to click on New Cat to see his cute pink pads on his feet. And also see Dan close up

  3. New Cat!!!! ohhhhh so cute!

  4. The cat of my neighbour makes the same thing on the roof of my car!!!

    PS - Could you say to me what is this strange thing over the head of your cat ? I have no idea.

  5. Hi Jeff & Leigh,
    Hmmmm. Well, until I read Leigh's comment I figured Jeff had somehow sabotaged my blog so that if you tried to enlarge the photos it would come up saying something like "Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Gooooooo Cashew!" But I guess you were actually serious.

    I did have to upload those three photos using Blogger because I couldn't get hello/picasa to work, but I just tried left clicking on each of them, and they enlarged just fine. Maybe blogger fixed the problem? Sorry you all had trouble. Weird.

    Hi Clare,

    Hi Mijo,
    New Cat (and J2) especially love to lounge up there because it is a soft top--nice and cushy. : )

    Hanging up behind New Cat are two baskets--one round (sorta falling apart) woven one on the left, and a funky homemade wooden one with a black handle that I picked up ages ago at a farm auction for a dollar. The long skinny thing running through the photo is the car's antenna!


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