Sunday, October 9

Weekend Dog Blogging #4

It's About Time Weekend Cat Blogging Ended

Attention Dog Lovers! It's time for Weekend Dog Blogging!
If you'd like to see more fun dog photos and discover yummy new food blogs, head over to Sweetnicks on Sunday night for the complete round-up and links to this week's participants. Weekend Dog Blogging is only in its fourth week, but it's taking off faster than Lucky Buddy Bear chasing after poor New Cat!

Have you entered the Name That Sheep Contest yet?
You could win a sheep!


  1. No fair that your puppie dogs are cooperative aroudn the camera... wanna trade? Hee hee.

  2. Hey Jeff,
    Oh, I see. First you want my sheep, now it's my dogs.

    Well, at least you're offering a trade. So whatchya got? (Note: mine come with NO guarantees in front of or behind the camera.)

    Pssst: A Secret Judge who will remain nameless is pushing hard for Cashew. . . but you didn't hear it from me. (And it isn't me!)

  3. I also have my eye on Whitey the Chicken... =:o

    You have your choice - Max, the incorrigible American Eskimo, or Spike, the old (but fiercely loyal...when he's awake)Jack Russel mix form the pound.

    Not for nothing, but sources do tell me Yellow-21 has told several farm-mates she loves that particlar name and would be thrilled to be honorarily owned by me. Just passing along what I hear....

  4. Yep it figures!

    Just when I post my own weekend cat blog inspired by Farmgirl she switches to dog blogging!

    Nice looking dogs by the way...

  5. Buddy and Robin are so adorable. I just want to squeeze them !

  6. Perfect Puppies!

    I really have to get my act in gear for the next weekend cat/dog blogging.


  7. Can I please run away and move in with you? lol! I told my husband in my next career that I wanted a spinning wheel, and a huge porch to put it on and spin myself in to the rest of my life. I wanted a small herd of sheep to sheer and spin their wool. Sadly, I don't knit, I don't spin, l live in a big city, and we have no front porch. So thank goodness I found your blog. It will have to fill me up on country until I finally get to leave the city. Let's see I am about to be 48 and I think we may move when I am 65. Is it too late to start spinning at 65?? lol!


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