Monday, October 31

Daily Farm Photo: 10/31/05

Happy Halloween!


  1. OMGosh! Talk about timing! I was thinking about the blog and wondered if you were up early! And voila!

    *grins KNOWING the sun isn't up yet*

    Very intricate is a spider web! Again you have an eye for the "unusual". Beautifully done.

    Gosh I love visiting your blog! It's become an addiction!!

    Have a great day!

    *wonders if you have rain in the forcast as we do?*

  2. wow that is a great photo, perfect for halloween too!

  3. Dagnabit! I was going to do a spiderweb post for Halloween and then didn't. Now I wish I had.

  4. Killer spider web. I have a garden spider right outside my sunroom door. She has been a very busy girl lately and her web gets larger and larger. They are so beautiful, until you walk into it! EEK!

  5. Spiderweb is the perfect Halloween photo. Beautiful.

  6. Great shot of dew drops on the web. . I really like the bare branches in the back ground. They add an eerie touch to the pcture. Happy Halloween

  7. Yes, It's perfect for Halloween!! It's amazing how nature does it all, she doesn't need any help, if it's halloween,...well, there you have it!! thanks that you are close to catch those moments!;))

  8. Perfect for Halloween...but after watching Arachnophobia last night...eek!

  9. Brilliant photo for Halloween! I love looking at spider webs in the morning when they still have the dew on them. And the branches are perfect. Happy Halloween to you too. (This is an ignorant City Slicker question, but I'm wondering if you get many trick-or-treaters where you are or is your farm too isolated?).

  10. Haha - Perfect! The "threads" on the Web are so thick!

  11. Gorgeous! You must have caught the light just right! I've been busy and haven't been able to check your blog as often as I'd like, but I just have to say: I can't believe I went away and you bought two llamas!! They're adorable!

  12. I'm jealous! Every time one of my spiders build a decent web, the wind blows it away.

  13. Wow, I've never seen a spider web that big (partially because I have walked right into them and am cursing as i try to get it out of my face by the time I realize they are there). All the same, it is a beautiful photo.

  14. Hi Everyone,
    I'm so glad this photo was such a big Halloween hit. Thanks for all the compliments.

    We got two inches of much needed rain yesterday.

    Always go with your first instinct. : )

    What was I for Halloween? Well, I had to go out into The Real World, so I dressed up as a Normal Person. I don't think I fooled anybody. Might have been the overalls. : )

    Garden spiders are fascinating. We had one living in the barn all summer. I took a couple pictures, but they didn't turn out very well. We recently read that every night a garden spider destroy its web and makes a whole new one from scratch. I had no idea.

    Every time I try to 'one up' Mother Nature, she two ups me. : )

    Didn't anybody ever tell you there are no stupid questions? : )

    No, we don't get any trick-or-treaters (though I had some snack size Snickers on hand just in case, LOL). We are about 10 miles from the nearest 'town,' which consists of one General Store, a dinky post office, and a scattering of houses. Even there it would be quite a trek to fill your sack with candy.

    The unexpected people who show up here are usually lost. And the expected people who don't show up are usually lost. : )

    Coming from you, that means a lot. : )

    Hi Cathy,
    Great timing. Welcome to the farm! : )

    You never know what's going to show up here next. Heck, there might even be some food on this food blog soon. : )

    You could always let the spiders live in the house, out of the wind. We had a tiny one living on the top ledge of the bathroom sink for months once. It was kind of nice seeing it there first thing in the morning.

    During the summer, our driveway and the gravel road above our ridge where we walk every morning are filled with spiderwebs. We try to duck out of the way (it's a shame destroying all that hard work), but you can't see half of them until it's too late. I've even caught myself apologizing out loud to more than one spider after walking through a particularly large web. : )

  15. Holy Cow that is an awesome picture!!!! I am GREEN with envy over that shot!!!! EM (at moderngirls)

  16. Hi Emma,
    Better than being green from eating too much Halloween candy, I suppose. : )

  17. i'm curious, what is the climate like where you live?


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