Saturday, October 1

WCB #1

Yo! Listen up everybody!

That's right, it's me, Whitey. And I've had it up to here with this Weekend Cat Blogging. For 17 weeks you've all been bouncing around the blogosphere, ooohing and ahhhing and cooing and going absolutely gaga over each others' useless balls of fluff. How boring is that? Enough already! It's pathetic. And I, for one, am sick of it. I mean, just look down there. 'I Heart Patchy Cat.' Oh, puh-lease. Have you ever seen a chicken throw up? Well, let me tell you, it isn't pretty.

Favoritism, that's what this is. And now even
the dogs have joined in. The dogs! This is getting ridiculous. So I've decided that while the servant girl is away, I am going to take control.

Oh, it's still WCB alright. Yeah, Weekend Chicken Blogging! Time to admire and celebrate a beautiful, useful animal for a change!

Oh, and comments please! I'd better get at least as many comments as furface down there, or, or, well. . . I'll come up with something, and believe me, it'll be bad.

Okay, so how do I look?


  1. You made me laugh and I needed that. That is so cute. Maybe the event should be called WPB for Weekend Pet Blogging.

  2. More power to the Chickens, I say! Whitey for Prezident!

  3. Love it!! And what a handsome chicken! My brown shavers are pretty hott too though!!

  4. Oh Whitey you are soo soo beautiful! I so don't want to see anything come up. So I am guessing that you could take patchy?
    Way to work FG's mom, while FG's away!!

  5. Go Whitey...Go Whitey....It's your blog time...It's your blog time. Ok...that's my cheer for the day. Loved it!!!!! This reminds me I've got to come up with a doggie photo for the WDB. How exciting!!


  6. It's Whitey !!!!! My favorite chicken :)

  7. Whitey, I gotta say that I think people might get the wrong idea and start posting chicken recipes for Weekend Chicken Blogging....

  8. Sheesh, you are a tough ole bird aren't you?! Poor Farmgirl... I guess you run the roost even when she's there? Better be careful about that... or you could end up in the stew pot! I hear chicken and dumplings is good in cold fall weather! *runs for the door on that note!*

  9. lol
    pity more people don't have pet chickens hey whitey :)

  10. Oy! I missed the WDB and I was a first time official dogsitter this weekend. I'll have to make sure my camera is back for the WChickenB. Eh, you happen to know a rent-a-chicken nearby?

  11. hey whitey! your demands have been met...wcb#1 is in action:

    the girls have united (and a few boys too!).

  12. I'm now definately afraid of the chicken.

    Hey, have you appologized to a cow yet? Sorry, cow.

    PS How is my future sheep, that I love dearly, dear little Mutton? Ah, Mutton... please be my future sheep.

  13. Whitney
    You look like a true tyrant but you make me laugh so much that I find you very nice.

  14. Go Whitey! We're all for a weekend chicken blog.

    Maggie's Chickens
    p.s. down with dogs and cats!

  15. Here's my chicken Whitey.


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