Sunday, October 23

Weekend Dog Blogging #6

Are You Smiling Yet?

Attention Dog Lovers! It's time for Weekend Dog Blogging!
If you'd like to see more fun dog photos and discover yummy new food blogs, head over to
Sweetnicks on Sunday night for the complete roundup and links to this week's participants. We'd love to have you join us. Just post your pup and e-mail the permalink to Sweetnicks.


  1. Hi Robin! Thanks for making me smile :)

  2. You're right.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello Farmgirl --
    Have had a busy day here with the "dh" (dear husband) having hurt his back.
    Puppy dog smiles are soo silly! We don't own a "real live dog" and I didn't take the time to post another one of "rayne" the stuffed mutt.... though I do have one of him.
    On your profile at the bottom is other "blogs" you had started or own and have updated recently -- some of those links do not work. That and your farmphoto over load blog is not listed. Other than that -- blogger has not been a P.I.T.A. today.

  4. What a face! That definitely looked like a smile of some sort on Robin's face.

    Just out of many animals total do you have at your farm?

  5. Robin has the BEST smile!!!!

    I love the lisollette tag!

  6. Hi Jeff,
    My pleasure! It's one of the things I do best! : )

    Hi Marianne,
    Welcome to the farm! You're welcome! : )

    Hi Joe,
    Yep! That's me! : )

    Hi Alisha,
    I'm ready for anything! But what's a cheerleader?

    Gotta go. Busy night ahead protecting the farm! Woof! Woof!

  7. Hi Heather,
    Ouch. Hope dh is okay! I loved your WDB entry of the stuffed dog. Too funny.

    Yikes! I'm glad somebody is keeping tabs on my profile. I didn't even know those other blogs were listed. The links don't work because there's nothing on them yet! When I first moved to Missouri I lived on Windridge Farm and published a newsletter of lighthearted stories about country living. I'm planning to put excerpts from the newsletters up for Farmgirl Fare readers interested in more farm stories--and they'll be on a different blog (but accessed through FF). When will this actually happen? Soon! : ) Thanks again for letting me know.

    Hi Socalfoodie,
    Oh no, a tough question this late at night? Let me think a minute. Hmmm.I think the total critter count would be 59 at the present time. That's 45 sheepsies, 7 cats, 4 chickens, 2 dogs, and one adorable donkey. : )

    Hi Clare,
    Robin definitely has a great smile. And she uses it a lot! : )

  8. FF do you have plans to run a B&B for wayward bloggers in search of a quiet place to visit for a few days? How about a bread baking weekend? I have lots of chef friends who are always looking for new adventures. I will be in St. Louis next summer for a conference. We always love cooking classes!!

    Robin has a wonderful smile! I am such a sucker for pets of all kinds. DH and I talk about moving to the country and having a few farm animals ourselves.

  9. hi farmgirl -
    just wanted to say hi and i'm really digging your blog. love the doggie pic--i do something similar on my site but, uh, from the other end of things....

  10. Yes, because he is clearlly smiling at me-that's so great!!

  11. Aww...pretty smiley puppy dog! I love her! :)


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