Friday, October 7

Grab Your Camera & Your Cat

Portrait Of Patchy Cat

The 18th edition of Weekend Cat Blogging starts tomorrow, and it's being hosted at Farmgirl Fare. Kiri and his slave, Clare, at Eat Stuff in Australia are usually in charge of this fun feline event, but they are busy moving into a lovely new home this weekend and have limited internet access.

The cats and I were tickled when Clare asked us to help out. So if you're one of those people who has been meaning to join us but just never gets around to it, now is the time! Snap a pussycat pic and post it pronto. Then leave me a comment with your blog name, URL, and permalink with a Weekend Cat Blogging tag added to your post (if, unlike me, you actually know what that means).

Not a cat person? Weekend Dog Blogging starts on Sunday!


  1. Hi Kat,
    Welcome to the farm! I just checked out your blogger profile; looks like you've just started blogging, so I understand your confusion. Not to worry; we were all new to this at one point.

    All you have to do now is get the dog to take a picture of you. Or, if you happen to have a chicken handy, they sometimes hold the camera more steady than dogs. But you have to watch out because they can also be a little crazy. Forget sheep; their eyesight sucks.

    Have fun! Can't wait to see your Weekend Cat Blogging entry! : )

  2. That is such a nice side profile of Patchy Cat. I didn't know abt the WCB co-hosting and I have left my link at clare's. Here it is again for you, pictures of my dueling kitties:

    ppp/s I forgot to reply your email.Sorry and I will do so this weekend!

  3. Hi Alisha,
    The weekend isn't over. Grab that camera (and your cat)!

    Hi Boo,
    Glad you like Patchy Cat's more formal side. I'll be posting my WCB photo and putting up the links later today. Looking forward to your email. : )

    Hi Kat,
    Do you have a blog yet? If you do, post the picture of you on your blog. If not, commandeer somebody's blog (do you have a human blogging servant--you know, that person who spends all their free time huddled over the computer instead of petting you) and post your photo on it. Then come back here and leave me the blog name and address and the permalink to your photo. Don't worry; it's easy! Can't wait to see what you look like. : )

  4. oops - I left it with Clare - old habits die hard. Here's mine for the week



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