Thursday, October 6

Daily Farm Photo: 10/6/05

There Is Absolutely, Positively, No Place Like Home

I'm baaaaack!


  1. Hello Susan! First of all, I like your "Farmgils Fare" so much"! Second, May I make a link with your Blog? It would be nice! Regards from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil.

  2. Welcome home!
    "mum"amused us very well in the time you were away !
    Did you enjoy yourselve? Hope so!


  4. Good morning, Sonia and welcome to the farm! I think you are my first visitor from Brazil. And I love links to Farmgirl Fare--thank you! : )

  5. Hi Larein,
    Didn't mean to ignore you--we must have been typing comments at the same time. Thanks for the welcome. Our farmsitters did a superb job in every way possible--everything looks better than when we left! It's just great to be home. : )

  6. Welcome Back! Your mum did a great job keeping us entertained with photos. And your contest to name a sheep definitely kept everyone busy while you were away. Glad to have you'll have to tell us about your adventures in the city!

  7. Hello and welcome back! Thank your Mrs FGmum (and partner) for doing such a great job on the blog. Hope they had a wonderful time too.

  8. oh and suspense is getting the people who read my blog: "what's this talk about sheep doing here?"
    We're waiting...... ;)

  9. Welcome back! Hope you had a safe trip.

  10. hope you had a wondeful break!
    whats the deadline for naming the sheep?

  11. Welcome back! I keep showing my significant other your lovely photos of Donkey Doodle Dandy and telling him I want one of my own, but so far he is resisting the idea.

    I will win eventually. :-)

  12. Welcome home welcome home!
    Agreed on the home bit!
    I just got back to work from my weekend in CT. I love New England in the fall, and can't wait to go back next week already.
    How was your trip?

  13. it's always good to come home... i got back from seveal days out of town last night and can identify with the feeling behind the picture... nice to see you are once again amongst us... have a good trip?

  14. Welcome back.
    Thank your to your mom.
    Thank you for the contest. It was a lot of fun.

    Hope your trip was wonderful and unforgettable.


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