Monday, October 10

Daily Farm Photo: 10/10/05

Haybarn & A Hint Of Color

It's not too late to enter the Name That Sheep Contest!
You could win a sheep!


  1. wow... first to comment on this page.. you live in a absolutely beautiful place, susan! I do so enjoy your pictures. When's the word gonna be on the "name the sheep" contest? Have a great day!

  2. Ahh, that reminds me of the days of baling hay at our ranch every year. Glad to see you're back (I haven't had much time to read of late) though I did enjoy your mom's taking on blogging too!

  3. Wow. I agree. Your place is beautiful. We should have a foodie festival there!

  4. Hi Heather,
    Thanks so much.

    Even as I type this, the judges are in the midst of sorting through more than 35 pages of entries and comments in the Name That Sheep Contest! (Once I finally got them all printed out--there's nothing like a brand new printer who arbitrarily decides to skip page 23 of 25 and 7 of 9. What is with that?)

    As far as when the winner will be announced, well, I'm surprised you had to ask. You know the answer to that question (and pretty much any other one) is--soon! (Oh, stop groaning, Kitchen Mage.)

    Hi Michelle,
    I'm way behind on visiting blogs, too!

    Hi Socalfoodie,

  5. Me again,
    I forgot to mention that you still have a little time to enter the Name That Sheep Contest--or to go back and bash somebody else's entry. Good luck and have fun!

  6. You can never go wrong with the haybarn pic, that's for sure. The trees are still so green there, here in New England they're fading fast!

  7. Hi Kat,
    Okay, I realize I'm responding to your latest comment in the wrong place, but I am hoping that by putting it here (instead of in the Name That Sheep post) more people will hopefully read it--you'll understand why shortly.

    First of all, I would have loved to have seen a bribe food photo, especially since I recently lost the war over this year's kale to the bugs, so I am currently kaleless, and I am a sucker for a brownie in any shape (no nuts, though, please).

    Secondly, thanks so much for emailing me the wonderful photo of your adorable cat, Domino, squished into that basket. Sounds like you are a cat loving foodie in desperate need of a blog!

    Which brings me to the third reason for writing. I owe you an apology/explanation of sorts regarding the comments you left me about how to enter your photo in Weekend Cat Blogging. Okay, I know this is probably going to sound a little odd (especially since I managed to forget that days ago you left an entry in the Name That Sheep contest), but, well, when I read the first comment you left asking about how to take a photo, and then I went to your blogger profile page and saw that it simply said your name (Kat) and that you had just signed up in October. . . (and because you have to realize that so many Farmgirl Fare visitors have extremely well-developed senses of humor). . . I, um, thought you were someone having a little fun with me and were writing as if you were actually a cat. (And that you had created the "kat" blogger profile as part of the joke.)

    That explains the rather kooky advice I gave you--like to have the dog take a picture of you, and that if you didn't have your own blog, to "commandeer somebody's blog (do you have a human blogging servant--you know, that person who spends all their free time huddled over the computer instead of petting you) and post your photo on it." And then there was, "Can't wait to see what you look like."

    I'm sure you (and some other people) probably thought I was a little crazy after reading my advice. Hopefully this will help reinstate my sanity in the eyes of you and any others who were starting to worry. My apologies for the confusion! I did get a big kick out of the whole thing, though. And I'm so glad you did go ahead and send me your cat photo. (I have an idea and think I can enter it for you in next week's Weekend Cat Blogging if you like.)

    Thanks again for all your comments--and your understanding! : )

  8. Hi Susan! May I make a link to your Blog? Would be great!

  9. Hi!
    Beautiful pictures. Your blogs has a nice feel to it. Great to hear of others enjoying the "farm" life. I live in Wyoming on a small farm with my daughter and husband. Ours is a little more rustic I think. Anyways, just wanted to say hello and that I found your site.
    If you appreciate organic, you might appreciate the health info I promote on my site. and

    Take care!
    Best wishes!


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