Sunday, October 16

Last Call To Name That Sheep!

She Keeps Hiding Her Ear Tag From The Camera

We're getting down to the wire. The Secret Panel Of Judges is eating, drinking, and sleeping sheep names. Yellow 21 is all atwitter. (And Big Chip is so jealous of the extra attention I am giving her that every time I get near him, he puts his ears back as if he is getting ready to charge at me, gives me an amazingly dirty look, and demands that I give him a hug.)

The Big Winner and Yellow 21's brand new name (along with a surprise or two) are going to be announced on Thursday afternoon or evening, right here on Farmgirl Fare. Why the wait? The judges are taking their job very seriously. They are carefully reviewing the nearly 150 comments you have left during the contest, and they do not want to miss a single thing. Then, once the winning name is decided, there are photos that will need to be taken, the post to write, etc. etc. Do you think The Academy chooses all those award winning movies and then announces them the very next night? Of course not. So you'll just have to be patient for a little while longer.

In the meantime, it is not too late to join in the fun and Name That Sheep. You have until Tuesday afternoon to enter a new name, defend a name you've already entered, or tell us why everybody else's names should not be chosen.
Or, if you simply need a reason to smile, go back and read through some of the comments. I guarantee you'll be laughing out loud even before you reach the 'Cream of Sheep' entry. And things have been getting pretty heated lately. No holds barred--some people really want this sheep! Click here to read the original Name That Sheep Contest post (where most of the entries are). There are also some good laughs to be had in the comments section of this follow up post. (As well as the reason why no 'A' and 'B' names are allowed.)

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support. I'm overwhelmed. I have been having so much fun with this contest, and I sure hope you have, too. And if anyone happens to be counting all of the sheep names submitted, please let me know the total number you've come up with. Thanks.


  1. Yay! First - I win! Pick me pick me pick me!!!!

    Dear Secret Panel of Judges: You all look FANTASTIC today! And smart. Very smart. And smart people make excellent decisions....

  2. Hi fg! Just thought I'd zip on over to say I 'think' I've fixed the sidebar issue (at least, I shortened the lines that looked too long and nothing went funny on my own view, so fingers crossed!!!!). Thanks again for the hint...and I am anxiously awaiting the sheep name...:)

  3. Hi again! I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to reply on my blog or yours??
    I am sooooo frustrated with the sidebar issue! I am going to leave it till tomorrow when my brain is fresh (and I have time to look on Food Blog S'cool...surely someone has the answer?!).
    Thanks for the dog/cat blogging info - as it turns out I have both - do I post on my blog and then send a link? That's what I'll do - can't think of any other way...- the cat will be pleased to get in the action too - they (dog + cat) are best friends.
    Well, back to the great sidebar enigma...:)

  4. Here's a little ditty I wrote to sway the vote....:

    Come 'n listen to my story 'bout a man named Jeff,

    Poor city boy, naming sheep ain't in his head.

    Then one day he was on the 'net for fun,

    And up popped a pic of ol' Yellow 21....

    Well the next thing ya know ol' Jeff's a-spoutin' names,

    Joe, Max and Spike kinda thought he went insane.

    Said "On the farm is the place you outta be"

    So they stuck him in a box, shipped him off to Misery.....

    (that's southern for Missouri. That's my story and I am sticking to it)

    I'll finish the rest after I win! Hee hee hee :p

  5. Jeff's first comment is hilarious. He should get extra points on his name choice just for amusement factor this am. Although I dunno, Wendy killed me with "Cream of Sheep," too. Those judges sure do have a hard time this week.


  6. Oooooh, I think I know the surprise!! You're going to choose the name Rover, aren't you? (because it's the most contROVERsial choice) ;^D

    Emma, I was going to leave a comment in your blog about your sidebar woes, but it looks like you have resolved them.


  7. I've tried to count the sheep names for you, but I keep falling asleep.

  8. There's a name for men with sheep. We call them sheep shaggers. Are you sure you want to be called a sheep shagger Jeff? You leave MISSY alone.

  9. I would just like you, and Ms. Muffaletta-to-be, to know that you have a chance to correct a Very Old Wrong. Well, maybe not a wrong per se, but a psychic wound. This is, by the way, a true story.
    When I was a little girl of 9, I entered a "Name the Pony" contest. Imagine my excitement, when I received an envelope with the contest name on the return address spot. I was sure the pony was mine, and told my dad it was time to get some hay ordered and start moving the car out of our city garage. (It was a near thing, I remember him visibly blanching while I opened the envelope.)
    Sure enough, I was a winner. One of 100 winners of the 5th prize- a Roy Rogers and Dale Evans t-shirt.
    Luckily, as Muffaletta will not be coming to live with me, I can forget about ordering the hay this time.
    Want to know the excellent name I chose for the palomino pony?
    Then succumb to this shameless appeal for the sympathy vote.
    Anyhow, as I may have mentioned, Muffaletta (Sandwich) is a truly suitable name for a sheep of distinction and good taste.

  10. Wooo. Sheep don't eat hay anyway, do they? Good thing she'll still have you to take care of her.

  11. My intentions are pure and honorable, Barbara.... *puts on Halo of Innocence*


  12. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff,
    I'm speechless. Actually, I'm ROTFLMAO at your second comment. Oh, plus I'm slightly irritated--that song was going through my head for hours! Hmmmm. Careful. Don't want to anger the judges (aren't they more important than the Sheep gods?)

    Hi Emma,
    Reply wherever you like! Looking forward to seeing your cat and dog pics--after Wellie stops being grounded for killing your laptop, that is. : )

    Okay, we covered this one. And I can't read it again or, oh shoot, too late. Everybody! Sing along!

    Oh sure, encourage him.

    You didn't get over it, did you? (I do have to give you credit for the 'controversial' thing) But please. For your sake. Realize now (and I don't think I'll be spoiling things for anyone--except you, of course--when I say this) that Rover just isn't going to win!

    The other day one of the judges said something along these lines: "We've got 45 of these things to put up each night. Six syllable names just aren't going to work." Just passing that along. : )

    Kitchen Mage,
    I can never remember: is it in bad taste to admit when your spontaneous burst of laughter sprays spit all over the keyboard?

    Oooooh. A threat!

    Oh Jeff,
    I'm like seven states away from you, and I can't find a box of aluminum foil to save my life--seems there's a nationwide shortage due to all those halos you've been constructing for yourself.

  13. Lindy,
    I don't know how I missed you. I had a link all ready for you and everything.

    "shameless appeal for the sympathy vote"--I love it! And I do believe you're the first one to use it.

    P.S. My sheep had better eat hay. Or else we went to a whole lot of (hot & sweaty) trouble for nothing this summer!

  14. Oh, she does eat hay then? Whoops.

    It is indeed a good thing that you are going to be the one actually feeding her.


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