Wednesday, October 19

Scenery While Out Shopping Yesterday


  1. Shhhh! Don't show those goats to Dr Biggles. He'll be after their chops.

    How is Guinevere today?
    Say hello to her from me!


  2. fg - that is my dream house - how did you find it??? I'm not kidding. I'll take the barn, too. I'm always in the market for a good fixer upper. Not sure about that many goats, though...I've only ever owned one...

  3. Hi Farmgirl. Hi Whitey.Parkman says hi.

    Kissy kissy MISSY.

  4. I love the goats. I am lactose intolerate and goat cheese is the only cheese that I can tolerate. Have you ever heard of the fainting goats? I used to live in the town of Millington, TN, where they have a Goat Festival every year and they would bring the fainting goats. Too wild!

  5. Wow, those are great pics, FG! The goats are adorable. :)

  6. What were you shopping for? Firewood?!

    "Riiiiiiiiita Meriiiiiiiiino!" has got to be the FUNNEST name to bleat on earth. You will laugh for the rest of her life, calling "Riiiiiiiiiiita! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiita!" out in the pasture.

    Think how funny "A Streetcar Named Desire" would have been if Marlon Brando had bleated "Stella" instead of bellowing it.

    Bleating is the new black, I tell ya.

  7. Alisha, when Millington had the Goat Festival they used to have a baseball field where they would go out there and turn the goats loose and then make noises to scare them. I never saw one actually faint but they stood still and a few went to their knees and froze. It was the wierdest thing I have ever seen. I don't think they do that anymore because someone complained it was cruel, which it was but it still was interesting to see them. They say that they freeze up and don't actually lay down on the ground. When they did the history of the goats over the loud speaker they talked about how wolves would scare the goats, they would freeze and then many would be eaten because they couldn't move to defend themselves. I don't know who is more cruel, man or mother nature.

  8. I only wish that this is what I could see when I'm out shopping!



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