Thursday, October 13

Daily Farm Photo: 10/13/05

Autumn From A Different Angle

You still have time to enter the Name That Sheep Contest!
You could win a sheep!


  1. What?? Can it be true? It's 8:30. I was sure I'd be too late to be first!

    Nice photo. I love the weathered look of the fence in the foreground framing the beautiful trees in the background.


  2. I love these through-the-fence photos. It would be cool to see them in a series (maybe in a book, LOL).

    Someday I'll email you a photo of my autumn....oh, wait. It looks just like my summer.


  3. Now I know what it feels to be my sheep (my dirty white sheep called Cappucino remember?)....staring through the fence waiting for my virtual owner.

  4. beautiful. I love the angle. Did you just lay on the ground and shoot through?

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yep, first today!

    Hi Amy,
    Hmmmm. . . the word 'book' sure seems to be popping up a lot. I was definitely thinking of you when I took this picture--had a feeling you might like it.

    To see (or re-visit) a few other "through-the-fence" photos I've posted, click here and here and here.

    Hi Baking Soda,
    Persistence--I like that! : )

    Hi Wendy,
    Thank you. Yes, I lay flat on my back on the wet morning grass with my head raised up. While I was doing this, I realized just how much fun I was having (and how different things looked from that angle). It was a neat experience--and I ended up with a photo I really like to boot!

  6. Interesting perspective Susan! You have a gift for the unusual. I like this. I live in "Texas Hill Country" -- and have a few ideas to take some pictures of. Hope you are having a great day! *thinks of ways to get those judges to choose "Willow" for the name the sheep contest...* how about some really tasty recipes to try? Ones that I know are tried and true? LOL -- will post those up at my blog today when the baby sleeps...

  7. I particularly love this picture! Missouri seems to be a beautiful and calm place; ideal when you like nature...
    Makes me want to have holidays!

  8. Hi Susan, I`d wish to see your farm RIGHT NOW, especially when looking at those wonderful fall and mist photos - Indian summer must be great where you live !
    Have a good time, angelika

  9. That's a great shot - you've got a fantastic eye. Which means you undoubtedly have a fantastic ear for a great name for a sheep....*hint* *hint*.

    Nuts, anyone?

  10. You guys are SHAMELESS! LOL

    Great photo fg as always ;)

  11. Hello Heather!
    Hmmm. "A gift for the unusual. . ." I quite like that. Oh, I have heard wonderful things about the Texas Hill Country. Can't wait to see the pics. Got the wings recipe, but sadly, I think I already ate my lifetime fill of wings way back in the 80s. Long story involving a young me, a small take-out restaurant, and a very large cleaver. . .

    Hello Rosa,
    This is definitely one of the most beautiful times of the year on the farm. I am savoring every minute of it--and capturing it on well, not film, I guess. Hmmm. Just capturing it! : )

    Hi Angelika,
    Yep, like I just told Rosa, this is the farm at its best. And the weather is blissfully pleasant.

    Hi Avon,
    Welcome to the farm! Thanks for taking the time to write. And congratulations on the birth of your brand new food blog, Cooking With The Gringo--your first recipe sounds delish!

    Yo Jeff,
    What, are you online in the car? I thought you guys would be here by now. And don't think I don't know what you're up to. (Talking to animals all day long hasn't completely rotted my brain--yet.) It's a plot. You're planning to sneak in and nab Yellow 21 and the dogs and Whitey!

    You'll never succeed, though. We have a ferocious Guard Donkey!

    So you can just leave the little donut cookies at the front gate and head right back up the driveway and back to the desert.

    P.S. Hi Joe! Hi Miss Kitty! Hi Dogs! : )

  12. Hi Clare!
    You sneaked in while I was typing that comment novella. So glad you like the photo. Yes indeedy, 'shameless' is a word that has been popping into my head quite often lately. Usually followed immediately after the word 'Jeff.' Though there are certainly a few others who are linked with it as well.

    Isn't this fun?! : )

  13. Avon,
    I completely forgot to answer your 'what is an artisan bakery?' question. Here's the answer I gave a while back in response to someone else who asked the same thing:

    An "artisan bakery" is a shortened form of "artisanal bakery," and is based on the definition of the word artisan: noun, adj. A worker skilled in a trade such as fine wood working, masonry, and baking.

    In her gorgeous book, Artisan Baking Across America (I've added a link to it in the text of this post), author Maggie Glezer goes on to say that "For bread to be considered 'artisan,' at least one part of its production must be performed by hand. Beyond that, artisan bread is most likely to be crusty European-style bread, sometimes sourdough, sometimes not; hopefully weighed, rounded, shaped, and slashed by hand; and baked directly on a hearth in a 'deck oven.' More difficult to define is the level of quality implied by the term, the concern for the color and flavor of the bread's flour, and for the naturally arising flavors conjured by careful craftsmanship."

    Hope that helps. Makes me want to tear into a warm, crusty loaf just reading it! : )

  14. Um. I let Jeff in. He seemed REALLY REALLY nice, and he petted me on the head. I luv Jeff!! And he's great at coming up with names too! Can we keep him?

  15. Oh my gawd - I'm SHOCKED! I'm sure that was a typo....

  16. Please pick Jeff for the sheep-naming contest. He is driving us all insane.

    He really is nice, though. And sweet. And handsome. Woof. Meow.

  17. Attention Jeff and Blogging Imposters:
    The Administrator of this blog is unable to comment due to severe case of uncontrollable laughter.


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